Camp NaNo July

CampNaNo July winner

I almost forgot to validate my word count for Camp NaNo. I hadn’t updated my word count at all. I’ve been busy with my freelance writing and I nearly missed the deadline.

Clearly, I got to my word count and submitted it successfully. I chose my word count to be only 40K and wrote that much over this last week. I remember my first NaNo and how hard it was to write 1,667 words a day. Now, I can easily write over 3,000 in a day.

I could have posted the little banner that they provide but I love the cute graphic on my Camper page. So I took a screenshot of it to use here. Yay me!



Yay me! I nearly forgot to update my word count. I was eating lunch and happened to check Facebook, my friend living in Israel had posted that she had finally hit her word count. I jumped up scaring both the cat and my daughter and ran to my laptop to verify my word count.