Getting away



This is pretty much how I spent today.

Our summer vacation was a last minute thing, we barely fit it in before Labor Day.   It’s been a great end to our summer.  I hope everyone had a fun summer, now on to Autumn!


Almost there

We are leaving in a few days for our last minute summer vacation.  I’ll be spending the next few days preparing for the trip and getting the house straightened up.  I am excited for the trip but I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet that we are going.  We put it together just a few weeks ago, I usually plan things out months in advance and it’s taking me a bit to come around to the reality of it.  I’ve also been racing to finish a house project before we go so I haven’t even had time to think about the vacation beyond looking at the calendar.

Blue notebook

Of course, that means that my writing on the novella has dwindled but I am looking forward to getting some work done when we go tothe beach.  I am packing my notebook along with my many, many sticky notes. I’ll spend a good amount of time putting together a better outline.  Hopefully by the time we get home I’ll also have a bit more written.  My goal is to have the novella finished by the end of September.  Here’s hoping for no major interruptions.

I’ll post again on Friday!  Have a great week!


Looking forward


Every summer we take a week long vacation in California, in a normal year, we’d be there this weekend.  This year we had some work related changes and figured it was best to skip our trip.  Sometimes this grown up stuff is a real pain.



It turns out though that we need a little vacation.  A little planning and a couple of emails later and we are all set for a long weekend in Southern California.  One of those days will be spent hanging at the beach, some time in the water and a lot of reading and relaxing.  I cannot wait!

Do you bring books on vacation?  What have you been reading this summer?  What is your favorite format, books or eReader?

There’s a ton of stuff to do first, so I should get to it.  🙂