Procrastination writers

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Right now I feel like I am majoring in Workspace Arrangement.  I cannot seem to keep my desk organized for more than a day or so at a time.  The various cats napping on said desk certainly doesn’t help with the whole organizational dilemma.  Hopefully with some focus I’ll have things squared away in the next day or so. I’ll be back Friday with an update. I hope everyone has a great week.



Every now and then you just need to stop, sit down and watch something that makes you laugh.  Last Sunday, we did just that, we stopped and watched Simon Pegg’s Cornetto Trilogy of movies.  We started with Shaun of the Dead, continued with Hot Fuzz and finished the it off with World’s End.  I’d seen the first two before and loved them, World’s End was more of the same funny action and adventure.

We actually added the movie Paul on to the end of the trilogy which is one of my favorite silly movies.  Kristin Wiig’s character is ridiculously funny.

For a great review of the Cornetto trilogy check out my favorite geeky blog… The Geek Registry.