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Wickedly Magical

Wickedly Magical cover

Wickedly Magical is the novella that kicked off Deborah Blake’s new Baba Yaga Series.

In Russian folklore the Baba Yaga is a powerful witch that lives in a hut that can move about on chicken legs and flies around in a large mortar and pestle.

In Wickedly Magical, the Baba Yaga is no longer traveling in a hut with chicken legs, but now kicks back in her enchanted Airsteam. She travels the United States keeping the balance of nature and guarding the borders of the mortal world.

Check out Deborah’s website here.

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Almost every successful writer has been asked, at one time or another, where they get their ideas. The answers to that question are found all across the board.

In his book, On Writing, Stephen King talks about one of his methods for creating a story. He calls them “What ifs” and he usually pairs a natural everyday ‘What if’ with something out of the ordinary.

I get my ideas from everywhere. But what all of my ideas boil down to is seeing maybe one thing, but in a lot of cases it’s seeing two things and having them come together in some new and interesting way, and then adding the question ‘What if?’ ‘What if’ is always the key question. — Stephen King from

Susan Wiggs discusses this same subject on her blog The View From Here. She quotes the famous answer from Dr. Suess…

“I get all my ideas in Switzerland near the Forka Pass. There is a little town called Gletch, and two thousand feet up above Gletch there is a smaller hamlet called Über Gletch. I go there on the fourth of August every summer to get my cuckoo clock fixed. While the cuckoo is in the hospital, I wander around and talk to the people in the streets. They are very strange people, and I get my ideas from them.” 

My ideas are harvested in a more organic and much less uninteresting way. I’ve always been a bit of a people watcher, when I was a kid I remember being at the airport waiting for my grandmother’s flight to arrive. Back then you didn’t call to check to see if the flight was on time, you just went to the airport and waited. A couple of times her flight from California was delayed and we were there for a while. I would watch the people rushing for planes and those that were arriving, some looking tired and disagreeable while others were happy and excited. One of my favorite things was to make up stories about who the people were and where they were going.


I’ve continued to observe people and some of my ideas do come from that. The same questions from when I was a kid still apply. Where are they going? Who are they meeting? I’ve also added questions too. Are they going somewhere? Are they running away from something? Where do they work? What about their family? Or their parents?

You ask enough questions and you might end up with the beginning of a story.


Halloween time

I spent several hours each afternoon this week dragging boxes of Halloween decorations from the garage. The halls are almost completely decked in their Halloween glory.

This is a pic from several years ago and one of my favorites, I rescued Kit Kat when she was a tiny kitten. She was always small but she had a quiet attitude that our other cats respected. She was nearly 20 years old when she passed a few years ago.


Last minute fun…

Our good news from Monday resulted in the opportunity to take a quick vacation. So in about 36 hours I got us organized, packed and the house cleaned for our road trip to …

…the Happiest Place on Earth!

Disneyland 1


Sleeping Beauty Castle as seen from Main Street right after we arrived on our first morning.







I took some silly selfies. Here I am outside of the IndianaDisneyland 2 Jones ride!