Getting away



This is pretty much how I spent today.

Our summer vacation was a last minute thing, we barely fit it in before Labor Day.   It’s been a great end to our summer.  I hope everyone had a fun summer, now on to Autumn!


Almost there

We are leaving in a few days for our last minute summer vacation.  I’ll be spending the next few days preparing for the trip and getting the house straightened up.  I am excited for the trip but I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet that we are going.  We put it together just a few weeks ago, I usually plan things out months in advance and it’s taking me a bit to come around to the reality of it.  I’ve also been racing to finish a house project before we go so I haven’t even had time to think about the vacation beyond looking at the calendar.

Blue notebook

Of course, that means that my writing on the novella has dwindled but I am looking forward to getting some work done when we go tothe beach.  I am packing my notebook along with my many, many sticky notes. I’ll spend a good amount of time putting together a better outline.  Hopefully by the time we get home I’ll also have a bit more written.  My goal is to have the novella finished by the end of September.  Here’s hoping for no major interruptions.

I’ll post again on Friday!  Have a great week!


Must love books

My favorite scene from one of my favorite movies.

Belle library 1


To me, this is one of the most romantic gestures I could ever think of.  I love to read and the thought of having my own library makes me happy.  The fact that is was a gift just makes it so much better.

I read a book about every 4 days.  I recently signed up on Goodreads where I can keep track of what I am reading, books I want to read and read reviews about books other people have read.  They also have a book reading challenge, you can put in how many books you want to read in a certain time period.  My challenge is for the year, I decided I could read one book a week, so 52 books.  So far, I am 15 books ahead, I’ve read 48 of the 52.  I’ve been able to keep track of all the titles and even found a few through the reviews.  It’s a great resource and makes up a little for not having my own personal library.  Check Goodreads out here.

I’ll see you all Monday!  Have a great weekend.


Backing up

Blue screen - croppedSo, my computer crashed last week.  Luckily, I was able to do a refresh instead of a full reset.  With the refresh my files were saved but I lost all of my emails and all of my programs.  It took  two days just to get into email, then several days of updating and program loading to get back to normal.  Last night, I finally got my writing program loaded and was able to open my files for the novella .  I also recovered my email files, which was a total surprise.  All in all it was definitely a wake up call, believe me I’ll be setting up a monthly schedule for backing up my computer.

I am glad that everything is back to normal but what a pain.  It’s really frustrating that I lost those writing days.  I often wonder if all of this technology is as time saving as we think it is.  One of my favorite writers, Susan Wiggs, writes all of her books longhand.  She calls her notebooks her ‘amish laptop’.  She uses a speech recognition program to dictate her handwriting onto the computer.  She tells really funny stories about the dogs barking while she is trying to dictate her story.  Check out her blog, The View From Here.

Sometimes I think about writing long hand was like I used to when I was younger.  I could take my notebook with me and write anywhere I wanted.  The main problem with that though is trying to find something that you already referenced earlier in the story.  Most writing programs have a search feature that you can look up keywords.  I use Scrivener and have my writing divided into scenes and chapters.  I usually have a good idea where I’ve mentioned something so it’s pretty easy to click into a specific scene to look around.  Overall, I think that the ability to find something for reference or to make notes easily outranks the simplicity of writing longhand.  That’s just my opinion though, every writer has their own process.

I still do a fair amount of work longhand, I set up notebooks for each story.  I make notes, outlines, work out names and plot points and anything else that I need.   When I am in full on writing mode I carry that notebook with me.  That way I can write down any ideas that may pop into my head.  I tend to have moments of clarity when I am doing something else, like when I am in the shower, or mowing the lawn, or while I am driving.  It helps to have the notebook at hand so I can make some quick notes.

This week I’ll be catching up on my writing.  I hope everyone else has a great week!



Every now and then you just need to stop, sit down and watch something that makes you laugh.  Last Sunday, we did just that, we stopped and watched Simon Pegg’s Cornetto Trilogy of movies.  We started with Shaun of the Dead, continued with Hot Fuzz and finished the it off with World’s End.  I’d seen the first two before and loved them, World’s End was more of the same funny action and adventure.

We actually added the movie Paul on to the end of the trilogy which is one of my favorite silly movies.  Kristin Wiig’s character is ridiculously funny.

For a great review of the Cornetto trilogy check out my favorite geeky blog… The Geek Registry.

Captain, my captain

Today, the world lost an amazing talent and great man.  He gave us so much laughter and joy, such a loss.  He certainly will be missed.

Robin Williams



Please go hug your loved ones and be kind to others in your life.  If you are in trouble please talk to someone, make a call…



Looking forward


Every summer we take a week long vacation in California, in a normal year, we’d be there this weekend.  This year we had some work related changes and figured it was best to skip our trip.  Sometimes this grown up stuff is a real pain.



It turns out though that we need a little vacation.  A little planning and a couple of emails later and we are all set for a long weekend in Southern California.  One of those days will be spent hanging at the beach, some time in the water and a lot of reading and relaxing.  I cannot wait!

Do you bring books on vacation?  What have you been reading this summer?  What is your favorite format, books or eReader?

There’s a ton of stuff to do first, so I should get to it.  🙂